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The European Union: a positive achievement that can go from strength to strength

May 9, 2019 | Opinions

(09 May 2019) – While the European project is a work in progress, the debate about changes should not deter from acknowledging the benefits that the EU has brought. A new OECD report, ‘The European Union: A People-Centred Agenda’, stands back and assesses the issues.


The paper does not look at the European Project by level of competency, such as the construction of the Schengen area, the Monetary Union or the Single Market. Rather, it aims to address the following question: What have the European model and common values brought to European citizens?

Born in the aftermath of World War II, after centuries of war and confrontation, the European project has bolstered peace and freedom on the continent. The EU is a stable and relatively affluent region of the world, with a relatively good quality of life overall compared to other countries.

By joining forces in the global economy and with its policies supporting citizens’ rights, providing skills and training opportunities and helping poorer regions to develop, the EU has contributed to improving social and economic outcomes and to advancing convergence among member states with different levels of development.

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