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Women in rural areas

Oct 14, 2021 | Opinions

(15 October 2021) – Women are vital for the sustainable development of rural areas, bringing added value to local communities. They are frequently the driving force behind innovation, diversification, and the development of new opportunities. In short, women give life to rural areas.


AEIDL organised on 5 October 2021 an AEIDL Talk on Women in rural areas close to the date of the International Day of Rural Women which has been held every 15 October since 2008.

In this AEIDL Talk, Blanca Casares, Rural Development Officer at AEIDL, provided an overview of the situation of women in rural areas and the main current policy framework linked to them.

She discussed the challenges faced by women in rural areas including rural women’s work and income; political participation and decision-making; lack of public services in rural areas and access to land.

But the lack of available statistics dissagregated by gender presents a difficulty, and so does the degree of urbanisation (rural areas).

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