Privacy Policy

inAEIDL complies with privacy legislation.
Find out below what this means in practice....

1. Who we are

AEIDL is the European Association for Information on Local Development, located at Chaussée Saint-Pierre, 260 - B-1040 Bruxelles - T.: +32-2-736 49 60 -

2. How does AEIDL collect personal data?

AEIDL only collects personal data that you or third parties provide as part of a requested service (e.g. a service contract, a European project, an application form, a vacancy, an expert database, an information letter, etc.).

Data of minors and sensitive personal data (e. g. health information or a bank account number) are always treated confidentially and are never disclosed.

Your data is only used for the purpose of the service you request (provided that the conditions described in the paragraph above are met).

All personal data collected by AEIDL is only accessible to those within the organisation who need it for their daily work. Computer data is stored on European servers.  Access is limited for both paper and computer data.

We never share your data with third parties for commercial purposes.

If a subcontractor is involved in the processing of the data, we ensure that the subcontractor complies with the GDPR and that he/she complies with our privacy policy.

We also apply the principle of information. This means that, anyone who provides personal data is invited to read the present statement before providing any information.

You may, at any time, request access to your personal data as mentioned in the last paragraphs of this document.

For example: when you subscribe to a newsletter, we keep your email address as we consider that it is in your legitimate interest so that you can read our news without having to provide us with your email address every month. Your email address will be used exclusively for sending and informing you about our newsletter. Each newsletter also gives you the right to unsubscribe.

3. What personal data does AEIDL process?

Personal data is data which, alone or in combination with other information, makes it possible to identify a person unequivocally; for example a first and last name, a physical description, an email address...

AEIDL collects only the personal data necessary to perform the requested service (or which is requested by third parties for the execution of a contract).

The amount and type of personal data collected varies depending on the service offered: sending out  a newsletter or a call for applications as part of a recruitment process. In accordance with the principle of minimalism, no data will be collected if it is not directly related to the performance of a service.

4. When and why does AEIDL use personal data?

AEIDL only processes such data in specific cases:

  • if you have explicitly authorised AEIDL to do so; or
  •  if their processing is necessary for a service you have requested (e. g. telephone contact request); or
  •  if we are legally obliged to process the data (e. g. your CV for the execution of a framework contract with the European institutions or a European project receiving European (co)funding); or
  • if there is a public or legitimate interest (e.g. the publication on our website of partner organisations and beneficiaries of our services or projects).
  • To facilitate browsing on the association's website, we use cookies to make browsing easier. During your session, we temporarily store your IP address.
  • On subscription to the association's newsletter, we collect your email address. This is used only for the purpose of sending you the newsletter and related statistics.
  • During recruitment processes, we collect data received from interested parties. This data is only used for recruitment purposes. At the end of the procedure, the information on candidates with an interesting profile for future developments is kept subject to their agreement.
  • Whenever you get in contact or request additional information via our information e-mail address (), we only use your e-mail address to respond to your request. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose.
  • In some cases - mainly during formal collaboration and in relation to human resources management - we collect personal data so as to meet a legal obligation (social secretariat, employment contract, service contract, etc.)
  • On subscription to the European Local Innovation Forum (ELIF) we collect your email address. This is used only for the purpose of sending you the newsletter and related ELIF communications.

5. How long does AEIDL keep personal data?

In all cases, AEIDL is careful to respect the legal retention periods for all information processed within the association.

We keep the data for as short a period as possible, but always ensuring that the service requested (for example, if you submit a job application via the website, order a publication, register for an event or make a donation...) is properly completed.

In the case of a contract for a customer or a public subsidy, we keep the data collected under this specific contract for the duration of the activities specified in the contract and in the event of ex-post control or audit.

AEIDL may also decide to collect some cumulative data in the longer term, in order to assess and adapt its own functioning. No individual identification is involved in this process.

6. Does AEIDL store my personal data securely?

Your data is processed securely: we use various technologies and security measures to properly protect your data against unauthorised access, use, loss or disclosure. Where necessary, these technologies and measures are tested and adapted at regular intervals.

In accordance with the GDPR, we only use servers that are internal or located in Europe and that comply with the regulations in force in the European Union since 25 May 2018. In addition, personal information stored in paper form is only accessible to those who need it to perform the requested service.

In the event of an uncontrolled data leak, we are committed to informing anyone affected by the leak and to do all that is necessary to repair the system as soon as possible.

7. What are my rights regarding the storage of my personal data?

You can, at any time, consult the personal data that AEIDL keeps on you and, if necessary, request correction or deletion (if your data is not necessary for the performance of a contract) of all or part of your data. In this case, please contact us at .  You also have the right to be forgotten and to therefore request the complete deletion of your data in the event that its storage is not part of a contractual or legal obligation. To do so, send your request to

Organisations have an obligation to respond to any request to consult, modify or delete your personal data within thirty days. However, this period may be renewed if the request concerns a large amount of data. In any case, you will be informed as soon as possible of the time required for processing the request.

8. What to do in case of a complaint or question?

AEIDL is available for any questions or access requests via Claire Jordan at

If you believe that your data is being processed incorrectly, please do not hesitate to inform us.

As a last resort, you also have the possibility to file a complaint with the data protection authority (formerly the Privacy Commission). This is the Belgian body that oversees the application of the GDPR  throughout Belgium.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our personal data processing policy.