EaSI (2020 – 2022)

This study takes stock of the strengths/weaknesses, innovative content, methodological design, EU value added, impact on the policy field and potential for up-scaling of social experimentations carried out under the EaSI Programme. One objective is to identify the favourable conditions and factors hindering the development and mainstreaming of the social innovations/experimentations. Another objective is to analyse potential synergies between the future two ESF+ strands, as well as to provide guidelines for appropriate award criteria, governance relationships and practical mechanisms for facilitating the upscaling and transfer of successful projects tested under the direct management into the shared management. Further activities covered under this tender concern the dissemination of the results of the social experimentations financed through the EaSI Programme, including the organisation of a major closing seminar. 1) assessing the results of the projects supported by seven EaSI specific calls for proposals addressing social experimentation, 2) supporting the communication and dissemination of the project results, 3) preparing a practical methodological guide on social innovation for future project promoters and 4) organising a 1 1/2-day closing and dissemination seminar focusing on the social experimentation projects.

Start and End Date

15 Dec 2020 - 14 Apr 2022

Contact person

LEDAN Armelle (ALE)

Projects in Employment, Entrepreneurship and Inclusion (EEI)

EU Local Empowerment of Actors for Development in Lori and Tavush regions Project (EULEAD4Lori and Tavush Regions)


Upscaling the European Platform of Integrating Communities (EPIC-UP)


SERIGO - Social Economy for Resilience, Inclusion and Good life in Rural areas


WeBuySocialEU: Training and Awareness-raising Activities in Socially Responsible Procurement

FI-COMPASS 2021 - Support the EIB in the Delivery of Advisory, Communication and Event Services for the Use of FI under Cohesion and Agriculture Shared Management Funds, through Fi-Compass and Other Advisory Mandates