ENRD – Contract for the contact point of the European Network for Rural Development 2014-2020

The European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) was the structure that brought together all the stakeholders aiming to achieve improved rural development results in the EU. The network served as a hub for the sharing of information about how Rural Development policy, programmes, projects and other initiatives are working in practice and how they can be improved to achieve more. The purpose of the ENRD was to increase the involvement of all stakeholders (in particular in agriculture, forestry and rural development) in the implementation of the EU rural development policy; to improve the quality of rural development programmes; and to play a role in informing the broader public on the benefits of rural development policy. The ENRD Contact Point (CP) supported the EC / DG AGRI in running the ENRD and provided a focal point for ENRD activities. Based in Brussels, a core permanent team of staff was complemented by a larger group of experts, offering knowledge and facilitation in a wide range of rural development fields. In particular, the ENRD CP provided support for networking and cooperation, thematic analysis, events and communications of the ENRD. The ENRD CP was managed by the EEIG RURANET made up of five partner organisations including AEIDL. RURNET is an equal partnership.

Start and End Date

16 Jul 2014 - 15 Jul 2021

Other projects in Rural and Territorial Development (RTD)

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