ESF Transnational Platform – ESF TP (2014-2019)

The EU-level platform’s main aim was to facilitate the setting up of transnational partnerships, the exchange of experiences, capacity building and networking, and the capitalisation and dissemination of relevant outcomes of transnational cooperation.

The ESF-TP services provided included:

  • Animation of transnational networks through thematic seminars and conferences. Nine thematic networks (TNs) were established in the fields of: social economy, employment, youth employment, social inclusion, partnership, migrants, simplification, governance and public administration and learning and skills. In addition, in 2017 a sub-project focusing on long-term unemployment was introduced.
  • Conduct of two rounds of transnational coordinated calls for projects.
  • Setting up a database allowing ESF beneficiaries to find partners for transnational cooperation projects
    Contribution to the visibility of transnational cooperation under the ESF (web pages, newsletter, publications, good practices, conferences)

Start and End Date

14 Jul 2015 - 13 Jul 2019

Other projects in Employment, Entrepreneurship and Inclusion (EEI)