4IM (Miskolc)

4IM – Establishing and testing integrated interventions aimed at supporting people in (the most) vulnerable situations – Initiative for innovative integrated interventions in Miskolc


The project will pilot the integrated way of organising the delivery of social benefits and services to the most vulnerable residents of the City of Miskolc, Bábonyibérc and Tetemvár; In each of these, to mobilise residents and connect them to services, including offering targeted employment support, a Neighbourhood Access Point will work with a Community Action Group. Both will be supported by a city-wide Social Innovation Resource Centre reporting to a Social Innovation Committee responsible for reorganising the systems of service provision on a city level.

The project’s aim is to jointly formulate an Action Plan (local action plan) to promote the integration of deprived neighbourhoods, under a complementary, two-fold approach – i) improving local governance mechanisms, including establishing local coordination and multifaceted partnerships as a basis for a successful integration process, creating a broad-based local government, setting commonly agreed goals and carrying out joint actions; and ii) Empowering communities and targeting at least 300 individuals through focused/direct testing interventions. As a result, the project offers to develop and pilot a scalable model of integrated service delivery, ensuring better targeted and channelled welfare services, combined with active inclusion measures.

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Tasks – Products

The services provided by AEIDL in this project are:

  • Methodological and innovation design advice for the overall implementation of the project, with particular attention to social innovation methodologies for the development of a model for the integration of social services delivery to the most vulnerable residents of Miskolc, involving stakeholders and beneficiaries.
  • Desk research and identification of good practices working with vulnerable groups around Europe to complement the project methodology and seek synergies with existing similar initiatives, encourage peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge and collaboration.
  • Elaborate dissemination contents, result products, publications, knowledge transfer documents.
  • Organisation of events, workshops, and study visits to foster knowledge transfer.
  • Knowledge platform management for the communication and dissemination of the project activities and results.
  • Co-design and delivery of the project communication strategy and plan, including the design of communication materials, dissemination of results, social media and press release.

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Start and End Date

27 Nov 2021 - 26 May 2024

Contact person

Aaron Imperiale

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4IM (Miskolc)

Establishing and testing integrated interventions aimed at supporting people in (the most) vulnerable situations - Initiative for innovative integrated interventions in Miskolc