FARNET – Contract for the provision of networking services in support of the European Fisheries Areas Network 2014-2020

FARNET is the community of people implementing Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF). It works closely with DG MARE, the Member State managing authorities (MAs), the national fisheries networks and with the FARNET Local Action Groups (FLAGs) and others involved in the implementation of CLLD, building a “learning network” that connects the growing knowledge and experience in CLLD from across Europe. It consists of a permanent team of 12 people, based in Brussels, assisted by 18 regional experts. AEIDL has been involved in building and managing this pool of experts, overlooking their involvement, inputs and work with a view to delivering high-quality outputs and results in a timely manner.

A key task of the FARNET Support Unit is to support the establishment of Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs); local partnerships which devise and implement development strategies aimed at adding value to fisheries products, promoting diversification and alternative enterprises, including in the tourism sector, and strengthening the local skills base and cultural heritage.
The broad thematic areas of focus are:
•Environment (Climate change, Energy, Marine litter, Water quality),
•Adding value to fisheries,
•Governance and management,
•Society and Culture.

AEIDL is involved in the implementation of the contract on an equal footing, both financial and managerial, as each of the other EEIG partners. Tasks implemented by AEIDL are related to:
•Building knowledge and capacity in Community-Led Local Development
•Identification and dissemination of successful responses to key challenges for coastal, fisheries and aquaculture areas across Europe
•Ensuring the flow of information among stakeholders involved in Community-Led Local Development
•Support to cooperation between FLAGs and with other local development partnerships throughout Europe and beyond.
•Expert advice and assistance to FLAGs and administrations
•Events: transnational seminars, conferences
•Publications: regular electronic FARNET Flash, a yearly FARNET Magazine, thematic and methodological guides and other technical reports
•The FARNET website (available in all EU languages) and social media:

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