GGCE – Green Growth and Circular Economy — Supporting activities for stakeholder engagement, exchange of information and best practices.

AEIDL is undertaking work on the Green Growth and Circular Economy contract for DG Environment. AEIDL covers ad-hoc stakeholder engagement activities and stakeholder engagement toolkit. AEIDL also covers ad-hoc or short-term support support services, such as event organisation and the development and implementation of a range of stakeholder engagement tools and outreach activities.

This Framework Contract ensures that the Commission has a range of tools to actively engage stakeholders for the development and implementation of the Commission’s policies related to Green Growth and Circular Economy.
In particular, it aims to:
– Actively engage European and non-European stakeholders in the development and implementation of the proposed policies
– Educate and train stakeholders as regards policies and legislation, build understanding, support and acceptance for the proposed policies
– Raise the Commission’s profile as a key player in Green and Circular Economy on the international arena
– Advocate a resource-efficient society by raising awareness about environmental issues among the general public and encouraging citizens to take positive actions
– Encourage stakeholders and opinion leaders to adopt and promote Circular Economy and Green Growth in their field of activity, namely through facilitating the exchange of best practices and by rewarding consistent efforts.

Start and End Date

14 Nov 2018 - 14 Dec 2022

Contact person

CAMARSA Gabriella (GCA)

Projects in Green Growth, Environment and Climate Action (GECA)


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