International Networking, Capacity Development including international study visits, Smart Village Concept in Armenia

The EU Local Empowerment of Actors for Development in Lori and Tavush regions Project (EULEAD4Lori and Tavush Regions) is funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in partnership with UN Food and Agricultural Organization and in close cooperation with the Republic of Armenia’s Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure. The project also coordinates its activities with the RA Ministry of Economy.

The project, launched in 2022 for a duration of four years, is piloted in Lori and Tavush Regions of Armenia as part of the European Union’s LEADER / Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) concept with the following objectives: a) mobilize, capacitate and incentivise local actors to define community needs-driven strategies in Lori and Tavush regions, b) build supporting infrastructure to prioritise, implement and sustain local-grown initiatives in Lori and Tavush regions and c) Improve the capacity of the relevant ministries and other bodies and develop policy mechanisms at the national level for successful piloting and sustainability of the LEADER approach in Armenia.

AEIDL has been awarded a services contract by the UNDP in Armenia to support the Local Action Groups (LAGs) of those regions whereby international networking services, capacity building and a smart villages concept are to be developed and delivered.  They are designed to confer a European dimension to the networking and cooperation activities of the Lori and Tavush LAG initiatives, which in turn will contribute to the UNDP LEAD objectives.

The services include the delivery of trainings, the organising of events, the mapping of partners and stakeholders for cooperation, the execution of communication and dissemination activities, and the provision of brokering services – whereby AEIDL works hand-in-hand with the participating Armenian stakeholders to engage partners of relevance with the ultimate goal of creating long-standing partnerships to provide the LAGs with a path towards sustainability via participation in future projects.

AEIDL will organise study visits for the relevant Armenian stakeholders (LAG managers, government and local officials, etc.) to Italy and Moldova. The objective firstly is educational: to allow the Armenian stakeholders to see first-hand the progress made in local development and in LAG management in those countries. In parallel, the objective is to bring the Armenian LAGs closer to established (Italy) and recently created (Moldova) LAGs so as to create in the medium-term a framework for cooperation on future projects (Horizon Europe, DG NEAR, GIZ, World Bank and other projects of relevance).   

Finally, a key objective of the assignment is to create a Smart Village Flagship Project in one of the LAGs. Through a five-step process, AEDIL’s team of experts will conduct a situational assessment, draft and submit a concept note followed by guidelines, deliver hands-on training in the field and finally prepare a pilot project document providing a comprehensive roadmap for implementation.

The assignment is a first for AEIDL both in the country and in working with UNDP.

Start and End Date

15 Jun 2024 - 15 Dec 2024

Contact person

Aaron Imperiale

Projects in Employment, Entrepreneurship and Inclusion (EEI) | Rural and Territorial Development (RTD)

International Networking, Capacity Development including international study visits, Smart Village Concept in Armenia


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International Networking, Capacity Development including international study visits, Smart Village Concept in Armenia


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