WeBuySocialEU: Training and Awareness-raising Activities in Socially Responsible Procurement

The Training and Awareness-raising Activities in Socially Responsible Public Procurement is an EU-wide initiative on how to use public procurement to achieve social goals. AEIDL implements this project on behalf of the European Commission together with Diesis NetworkICLEI EuropeREVES Network and many multipliers across the EU.

The general objective of the project is to increase awareness on the benefits of Socially Responsible Public Procurement – or SRPP – among public buyers across the EU, thus encouraging contracting authorities at the national, regional and local levels to use SRPP whenever possible in their purchasing policies and practices. A secondary objective is to increase the capacity of social economy enterprises to access public procurement markets.

Public Procurement, the EU and AEIDL

The legal framework established by Directive 2014/24/EU empowers governments to utilise their ‘power of the purse’ to advance social, environmental, and innovation goals when procuring goods, services, and works. The European Commission, recognising the value of SRPP, emphasizes in the ‘Buying Social’ guide that it enables public authorities to provide quality services and products to their communities. Even with limited budgets, SRPP can yield additional social and ethical benefits, contributing to mitigating the negative impact of the COVID-19 crisis, amongst others.

AEIDL has actively supported the EU’s efforts to enhance public procurement for social goals since 2018 through various initiatives including by operating the GPP Helpdesk on Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) and Green Public Procurement (GPP). Additionally, AEIDL’s involvement extends to initiatives such as the collection of good practices on SRPP, resulting in the publication of ‘Making socially responsible public procurement work. 71 good practice cases’. The organisation has also been engaged in supporting Gender Equality in the Economy through Public Procurement (GRPP). These efforts underscore AEIDL’s commitment to advancing social and sustainable objectives through effective public procurement practices.

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WeBuySocialEU: Training and Awareness-raising Activities in Socially Responsible Procurement

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