EPIC-UPUpscaling the European Platform of Integrating Communities

EPIC-UP is an initiative funded by the AMIF programme of the European Union (EU) which aims to improve migrants’ integration and inclusion at local level by designing an enhanced model of multi-actor collaboration. This methodology will allow the collaboration between stakeholders, such as migrants and migrants-led organisations, public authorities, and civil society organisations, so that the integration strategies are user-centred, and thus more effective.  

The project will establish Community of Practices (CoPs) in six EU countries (Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain) where good practices and strategies will be leveraged. The CoPs will test and consolidate six new integration services through a social experimentation process that involves co-creation steps carried out jointly by the diverse stakeholders engaged.

Coordinated by the European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA), EPIC-UP brings together 12 partner organisations and 13 associated partners from 8 different EU countries. AEIDL is a cross-cutting partner in charge of the communication, dissemination, and exploitation strategy. The project will capitalise on the existing knowledge of the consortium working on migrant integration, and on the know-how generated by previous EPIC project.

Main expected results:
  • An inclusive participatory methodology to foster the social inclusion of migrants more efficiently, will be developed and tested in six EU countries.
  • The taxonomy, mapping and benchmarking of good practices on local migrant integration strategies will be disseminated. 
  • Migrants and refugees in the six territories will be empowered to engage and participate in the process and ultimately in the different public spheres of their new society. As a result, their voices and experiences will be better heard and considered.
  • A capacity building programme on how to promote migrants’ participation in the design and implementation of integration policies will be implemented.
  • A series of policy recommendations will be produced to make migration policies and initiatives better future proofed.
  • Ultimately, six new integration services will be tested locally.

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