In a world where every purchase can make a difference, harnessing the power of public procurement for social good is not just a choice but a unique opportunity!

Public buyers are major investors and market signallers in Europe, with public procurement accounting for about 14% of the EU’s GDP. Imagine: could this be done more responsibly and socially?

WeBuySocialEU* is a European Commission initiative showcasing how the use of public procurement can help to achieve far-reaching social goals across the EU. Through a series of bespoke activities, WeBuySocialEU empowers both public buyers and social economy entities to maximise the impact of socially responsible public procurement.

With tailored training events and an EU-wide communications campaign, WeBuySocialEU encourages contracting authorities to integrate social considerations into their purchasing policies and practices. Simultaneously, it supports social economy actors in understanding and participating effectively in public procurement procedures. This effort also aims to foster collaboration and mutual understanding between the social economy and the public sector across the EU.

Think social and act smart by using the power of public purchasing for the greater good!

*Training and Awareness-raising Activities in Socially Responsible Public Procurement’ (EISMEA/2022/OP/0014)

Training events

Lithuania – 23 May 2024 *PAST EVENT*


Workshop in Lithuanian

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Training Materials and Presentations

Belgium (French-speaking) – 24 May 2024 *PAST EVENT*


Workshop in French

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Training Materials and Presentations

Estonia – 4 June 2024


Workshop in Estonian

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Training Materials and Presentations

Portugal – 4 June 2024 *EVENT FULL*


Workshop in Portuguese

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Training Materials and Presentations

Belgium (Dutch-speaking) – 5 June 2024


Workshop in Dutch

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Training Materials and Presentations

What is socially responsible public procurement?

Socially responsible public procurement, or SRPP for short, asks public buyers to look beyond the price of products or services, and also consider how they are produced, sourced and delivered.

SRPP helps public authorities achieve additional social and ethical benefits even when budgets are constrained.

According to the European Commission: "It allows them to strategically deliver positive social outcomes, such as promoting employment opportunities, decent work, social inclusion, accessibility, and compliance with social and labour rights in the EU and worldwide, while delivering high-quality social services and facilitating the access of social businesses to public tenders."

Why should the public sector 'buy social'?

When government authorities are encouraged (and sometimes mandated) to look beyond the price of products or services, it drives momentum for positive change in markets serving society and the wider good. Buying social like this means buying into a better future.

Some specific benefits include:

  • Promoting the social inclusion and employability of persons with disabilities
  • Improving working conditions especially in low-paid, low-skill sectors
  • Enabling a better work-life balance and promoting gender equality
  • Prioritising transparent supply chains and strategic autonomy
  • Delivering accessible social services and empowering diverse users and groups
  • Encouraging development, fair trade, and green products and services
  • Stimulating the market and investment in positive environment, social and governance (ESG)
  • Helping public organisations and social enterprises facing tight budget conditions and increasing efficiency in public spending
  • Using public money in a more strategic way to achieve social and societal goals.

Join the WeBuySocialEU events and movement!

Throughout 2024, WeBuySocialEU will conduct a comprehensive campaign and targeted training events in 12 EU Member States (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain) to promote socially responsible public procurement (SRPP).

These events, tailored to the specific SRPP training needs of public buyers and social economy entities identified through research and interviews by national experts in Autumn 2023, will also highlight lesser-used provisions of the Public Procurement Directive (Directive 2024/24/EU).

The training programmes and communication tools developed during this initiative aim to equip stakeholders with expertise in SRPP, establishing them as key resources on the topic within their organisations. The expected outcomes include civil servants learning to design tendering procedures accessible to the social economy and incorporating social aspects, while social economy entities will learn to compete for tenders with social considerations, form consortia, or participate as subcontractors.

Through these efforts and extensive social media outreach, the initiative seeks to engage public authorities, social economy entities, and other stakeholders across Europe.

Express your interest to participate to the first training events through our Calls for expression of interest

  • Lithuania - 23 May 2024 - workshop in Lithuanian. 
  • Belgium (French-speaking) - 24 May 2024 - workshop in French. 
  • Estonia - 4 June 2024 - workshop in Estonian. Express your interest here
  • Portugal - 4 June 2024 - workshop in Portuguese.
  • Belgium (Dutch-speaking) - 5 June 2024 - workshop in Dutch. Express your interest here

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